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Our Story

CrossRiver Church began with a call and vision from God to build a church that is centered on the Message of the Cross with a congregation that is flowing in the Mighty River of God’s Holy Spirit. That is what is behind our name, CrossRiver.

On March 28, 2003, CrossRiver Church was born. For 12 years, CrossRiver Church was located in Niagara Falls, NY. Then, in the winter of 2015, the church and ministry moved to Grand Island, NY. The grand opening service for our new location took place on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015. CrossRiver Church became CrossRiver Tabernacle in 2017, when we moved into our very own building located at 2920 Grand Island Blvd, Grand Island, NY.


CrossRiver Tabernacle is an independent, non-denominational church that works together with churches of all denominations who are like-minded in bringing the Message of the Cross to a lost and hurting world. All of our ministers are licensed and ordained through World Evangelism Fellowship, a ministry committed to preaching the Gospel around the world through television and the Internet, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Our church believes the Holy Spirit works today in the same way He worked in the Book of Acts. We believe that Jesus saves, Jesus heals, Jesus delivers from sin, Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with other tongues, and Jesus is coming back very soon for His Church!

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